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Rejuvenate, Protect and Maintain Healthy Hair with Sherpa

sherpa home care series
With a shampoo and treatment for every type of hair from fine to medium or even coarse, the Sherpa Home Care Series is the perfect product for every salon. After treating a client’s hair in-salon with these essential products, they’re bound to want more. As a product line that is not only provided in-salon but is also available at home, Sherpa has become one of the primary shampoo/treatment lines that we offer.

An essential for color/chemical treated hair, Sherpa can also be used on untreated hair as the perfect protectant. Bringing hair back to life is where this product line stands out but protecting hair once it’s in a great state is a key factor! Protecting from harmful everyday elements like sun, moisture, salt water and chemicals can be a difficult task for others, but with Sherpa, it’s key.

Thankfully you don’t have to just believe us, our clients have nothing but great things to say about Sherpa! Take a look at the thoughts of some of our salons and let them speak for the products...

“Leaving the salon with a great fragrance and a feeling of rejuvenation in the form of perfect hair is exactly what I look to provide with a hair care product. Sherpa gives my clients instant gratification, with the first wash they can see and feel a difference in their hair.”

-Jordana of Kami Sori Salon in Phoenix, AZ

“Sherpa is my go-to wash after a fresh color change. Not only does it seal every last strand, it also keeps my clients color fresh for the full 4-6 weeks between appointments”

Elle of Salon Elle in Mill Valley, California

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