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Arimino Peace & Caretrico for professional salons

At VJPeace, we intend to market our Peace and Caretrico products to professional salons only. We will select a limited number of salons in each region to market these products. This will help maintain exclusivity. Selected salons may retail to their own guests LIMITED QUANTITIES of Peace and Caretrico from their OWN SALON website. (A distinct advantage over most salon brands.)

We will launch Peace and Caretrico in your salon with a product-knowledge class, followed by hands-on education. Training is provided to one person in your salon. This person becomes the designated Peace educator for the salon.

We also offer a customized incentive program, including "treatment days", to help increase sales for your salon. This is our commitment to you! In addition, we will schedule ongoing refresher classes throughout the year. A points program will be in place to help you receive the best education in hair styling, designing and coloring.

From there, we can look forward to working with you as a partner. As our partner, you also get a 10% back-bar for all your purchases. Salons that are already enjoying success with Peace and Caretrico products:

If you are intersted in carrying Arimino Peace and Caretrico Products, please contact us!

Testimonials from Salons


From the east coast! Peace products arrived at Nova Salon Spa! I took the styling aids home to test them this weekend...already knew the shampoo was GREAT! Wow the hairspray Unbelievable! Used the chocolate at the root damp, then on dry as well! Volume ALL DAY! Love the pump,non aerosol great for the environment and it is the first spray with absolutely no offensive odor! onto the whips and waxes!


Thank you so much Vj & Nicole for a wonderful day of education. Caretrico,peace & spice neo are the most innovative modern products on the market. I am so glad to be part of this movement that is going to take the U.S. to a hightened level of haircare. To all my hairdresser friends, get on board this train. It truly is an amazing haircare line. We expereinced amazing results on damaged hair clients during the presentation. The clients are raving about their hair.


Peace and Caretrico have given IIdentity Salon clients and stylists a new resource for styling and caring for hair.
With over 90% of IIdentity services involving color, the in-house Caretrico treatments are a must to maintain the integrity and condition of the hair. With the variety of shampoos and conditioners available from Caretrico there is a way to address and repair every hair issue. Problems caused by internal or external damage, such as hormonal change or the overuse of heat and chemicals.
This soft, healthy feel is then maintained by the client at home. Peace styling products have optimal styling capabilities and ensure shine with volume. Now that IIdentity carries multiple product lines, Peace helps close the gap and keeps our clients shopping at our salon rather than searching elsewhere for a line that fits their needs.


Peace and Caretrico have increased client loyalty because of limited availability. Brand new guests have heard about Peace and visited our salon to purchase it. Peace is creating a crowd of raving fans.