Manufactured by Arimino in Japan. Peace places great emphasis on the use of natural ingredients which result in exceptionally well treated hair. The products are nutritive and reparative; uniquely formulated Nourishing Styling Products.

Hair Foams/Whips

This new form of styling mousse is alcohol free, allowing advanced technology in moisture and strengthening agents to be incorporated into the product. High Molecular Keratin and Cupuassu Oil are infused into each hair strand creating thermal protection a

Leave-in Milk

Supports the design texture while nourishing damaged hair and serving as a styling base. Combining Cupuassu Seed and Aqua Oil, the Peace Milk collection maintains the ongoing commitment to the use of natural ingredients. Each Peace Milk leave-in product easily absorbs into the hair creating intense hydration and wonderfully moisturized hair, these products are fantastic for any style desired while enhancing three of the texture effects: ”soft," "supple", “bouncy”.

Hair Styling Waxes

Peace styling waxes offer a unique finish of wax cream, which allow professionals to manipulate the hair to create unique designs and styling details. The ode to natural ingredients is maintained with key components including the Cupuassu Seed and Aqua Oil. It is “moisturizing yet unsticky”, “lightweight yet with a strong hold”. With a 5 different waxes they offer solutions for any style and type of hair, the Peace Cube collection is a must-have for anyone craving controlled hair throughout the entire day.

Hair Styling Sprays

Peace Styling Sprays were designed to take two key styling features to the next level: highly refined ”Design effect”, and a "Finishing effect” to sustain the desired style. Unique "double coat remedy” achieves the perfect balance between long lasting style combined with a light and moisturizing hold. As a pledge to natural ingredients, the Cupuassu Seed and Aqua Oil are utilized to create a nourishing product…

Nudy Texture

Derived from natural ingredients like Argan and Cupuacu Oils mixed with a slight touch of Silica Powder, the PEACE Nudy Line provides a light texture with a ton of punch in the form of hold. Add volume to fine and thin hair yet welcome flexibility and an effortless look. Any and all of the Nudy Products will feel like you have nothing in your hair…hence the name Nudy...

Wet Texture