About VjPeace

VjPeace - Commitment of Excellence

VJPeace is the sole distributor of Arimino Caretrico, Peace, Sherpa and Spice NEO products in the USA and Canada. As salon owners ourselves, we understand the needs of the salon professional. We aim to extend our commitment of excellence in hair care to other salon professionals. We offer you luxurious treatment and styling products that are easy to use yet provide real results.

These remarkable products speak for themselves, and are sure to bring in profits for salons. As part of our commitment pledge, we also offer on-going educational sessions for your team.

Arimino Company in Japan

The Arimino Company in Japan is also known as the House of Arimi. Arimino is a family-owned business that is as passionate about quality as it is about the production of fabulous hair products. Employing natural ingredients in its unique formulas, Arimino's products have nutritive and reparative properties that deliver exceptionally well-treated hair. Arimino's Hair Care and Hair Styling lines include shampoos, treatments, and nourishing styling products. All products are beautifully packaged, displaying a sleek functional look.

Experience the products to feel & see the striking difference in your hair. We don't call it a transformative boost for nothing. Unruly hair becomes manageable; limp hair gains body and volume; straight hair develops texture. All hair types achieve a polished, modern finish.

Your stylists & guests will be amazed at the condition and quality of the hair treated with these Arimino products, as well as the versatility of the lines.

Exclusivity & Availability to your Salon

VJPeace will select a limited number of salons in each region to market Arimino Products within Northern America. This will help maintain exclusivity. We intend to market our products to professional salons only.

Selected salons may retail to their own guests LIMITED QUANTITIES of Arimino products from their OWN SALON website. (A distinct advantage over most salon brands.)

Green Contribution

All Peace styling products use the Cupuassu (aka Capuau) seed oil as a nourishing and moisturizing ingredient. The highly prized Cupuassu plant is grown in the rainforests of Brazil. In addition to its beautifying benefits, the seed is known to have substantial healing properties.

Arimino returns a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of its products to the people who grow the Cupuassu plants, to give them an incentive to re-forest and re-plant them.

We help making salons and hair care history with Arimino products - products that are as generous for the hair as they are for the environment.