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Bridging the Gap With ARIMINO

After 20+ years in the hair/salon industry, VjPeace CEO, Vijai Manilal noticed a gap in the industry that he just had to fill… With the ARIMINO brand being from Japan, these gaps were evidently bridged in more ways than none.
ARIMINO CEO, MR. Tao (Left) and VjPeace CEO, Edit nameVijai Manilal
ARIMINO’s commitment of excellence to their clients, employees and the environment is one not met by anyone else in the industry. With hair in mind, first and foremost, they’ve set the standard for truly effective products that successful protect the hair instead of damaging it with harsh ingredients. With the philosophy of nurturing anyone involved in the brand, they’ve successfully created a family of passionate hair care professionals!

Here are a few words from the CEO himself

What was your goal when starting VjPeace?

I wanted to give stylists the freedom to do whatever they wanted to their clients hair while still foster healthy locks. ARIMINO was exactly what my vision needed to accomplish this goal.

What do your clients love about the products that VjPeace offers?

The products offered by VjPeace are not available elsewhere, thus clients come back time and time again for them. And not only are the products exclusive, we also provide in-depth knowledge about the products via our ongoing support and hands-on educational class we offered.

What made you choose ARIMINO as the outstanding products for VjPeace?

When choosing a main product to represent the brand, we needed a product that we could believe in. ARIMINO understands the needs and wants of the hairstylist and client which benefits all parties. That being said, the ingredients implemented in the products have been a big factor, as they are natural oils and supplements like cupuassu oil and acai berries.

All of this said, it’s pretty clear as to how VjPeace has bridged the gap between what’s missing in the salon industry. We’re proud to be the sole distributor of ARIMINO Products in North America and look forward to making a difference in the world of hair!

Interested in being a part of this exclusive offering? Shoot us an email to sales@vjpeace.com to receive more information.
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