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John Ryan of Festoon Salon on the Advantages of VjPeace

After picking the brain of one or our closest clients (in distance and connection), the unique advantages of the ARIMINO brand became even more evident… John Ryan, one of the owners of Festoon Salon in Berkeley, CA gave us some insider tips on how the products directly benefit his salon in particular. From the exclusivity of the product line, the knowledge and the inspiration of the VjPeace group and the incomparably high-profit margins gained, all of these equate to a beneficial product for any salon!
Festoon Salon X Arimino Peace

How has working with VjPeace been advantageous to your salon?

With the VjPeace group, you have the ability to speak directly with a professional of the industry. Vijai Manilal, CEO of VjPeace, brings his retail and salon ownership expertiseto help build each client to their max potential. Since the start of the connection with VjPeace, I’ve had instant access to a business and inspiration coach between Vijai and his wife Gina.

How do the ARIMINO products benefit Festoon Salon?

These products are exclusively available through salons only. There’s no going to your local drug store or pharmacy to buy the ARIMINO products that I carry. My clients come back to the salon to buy the products, in turn, this increases their frequency to my salon.

John Ryan - the owner of Festoon salonYou spoke of the retail benefits, can you touch further on this?

Simply put, the profit margin from the products that VjPeace carries are far greater than any comparable line… In my opinion, this is huge, who doesn’t like to make more money? Not only do I make more money, my clients receive a better value. The ARIMINO products come in larger sizes for the same price as the comparable professional salon products.

Which ARIMINO products do you use the most?

From men to women, there are so many popular styles out there. Most often, I find my male clients looking for a textured/spiky hair style; in this case, the PEACE styling waxes do the trick. For women, the PEACE Leave-Ins have been driving customers back again and again. If you’re looking for smooth, shiny and silky smooth hair: this should be your go-to.

In search of the ARIMINO product line and found yourself in Berkeley, CA? Make sure to stop by Festoon Salon and give Owners, John and Melissa Ryan a visit!
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