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Conversation with Kevin Woon

Kevin Woon with VjpeaceWhen Vijai, the CEO of VJPeace, met Kevin, the owner of WOON salon, it was an instant connection. Kevin creates innovative hair designs and demands a lot from his styling products. Vijai has products that offer precise hold and leave the hair soft to the touch.... exactly what Kevin needs. The combination of the exclusive ARIMINO products from Japan and Kevin's mastery of hair design, New Yorkers contend for a coveted seat in Woon's salon chair.

Between the international runways and top fashion magazines to the latest in film and television, Kevin took some time to chat with us about why he prefers to work with ARIMINO products, especially the Spice Neo line.

Why do you choose to work with VJPeace?

KW : "We pick VJPeace because of Vijai's knowledge of products. By describing what I need for different hair textures he can give me suggestions that are on point."

What do you love about Spice NEO?

KW : "Spice Neo is my go-to product line. We use A LOT of Spice Neo waxes in our salon. I use Hard Wax for styling, and mix with Freeze Wax to get different desired holds. I must say that this line is extraordinary for both men and women.
For women, you get textured layers to create more dimension. For men, I use Spice Neo all the time. It’s got great hold. It can move. And it supports virtually any style."

Can you show us an example of the results you get from using Spice Neo?

KW : "Here is a Before and After example. The ‘before’ photo is without product. The ‘after’ photos show the hair styled with Spice Neo Hard Wax. As you can see even without product the hair already looks good. But with product the hairstyle is enhanced and the details and textures from the haircut are more visible."
Styling by Kevin Woon
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