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3 Steps to Follow After Making That Summer Hair Color Change

Summer is home to the hair color change, we’re all aware of this… New season, new color and no better time to follow this than with warmer weather, brighter skies and beach days. What’s not usually factored in is the damage brought to your hair following that color change along with the brutal summer weather conditions.

When coloring hair, the process is fairly simple.

By opening the cuticle layer of the hair, the hair color molecules are able to penetrate and change the natural hair pigment. As you can imagine the hair is then very susceptible to damage from outside factors like moisture and the sun, huge factors during the summer months. This is where Caretrico Privy-Salon Care System comes to work. By following this three step process after a color change, hair will stay safe until your salon next visit! Cretrico Privy
  1. Gentle Wash Pro: Apply this shampoo to wet hair from the ends, rubbing/massaging the foam into the scalp and damaged area, focusing on the ends. This first step focuses on fixing the damage caused by chemicals in the hair coloring along with improving the hair’s ability to retain water. Once foam is spread throughout, rinse hair and repeat the process. After repeating, dry hair and squeeze out the water as much as possible.
  2. Enrich Serum: Apply this treatment to the ends of the hair and knead into the damaged area thoroughly making sure not to enforce into the roots. By nourishing and repairing the inner parts of the hair with natural products like coconut oil, this second step is meant to build a base layer for step three. Move on to step three without removing the Enrich Serum.
  3. Hold Cream: Apply this final step to ends of the hair over the top of the layered Enrich Serum until you feel smoothness, then knead well. The intentions of the hold cream are to ensure that the second step remains solid while also adding moisturization and sun protection. Once the Enrich Serum and Hold Cream have both been applied, expect healthy hair for and protected hair for until your next color change!
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