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Best of Spice NEO waxes by Kevin Woon

Kevin, owner of Woon salon, loves the SPICE NEO line. He has given us rave reviews for the SPICE NEO waxes. He also shared a great way of mixing waxes.

Best of Spice NEO
Kevin says, "Spice Neo is my go-to product line. Hard Wax, Grease-Wax and Freeze Keep Wax are my favorites among all others. Enhancing texture of hair plays an important part of our final looks. These waxes help us put the finishing punctuation to our haircuts. I use Hard Wax for styling, and mix with Freeze Keep Wax to get different desired holds. This line is great for both men and women. For women, you get textured layers to create more dimension. For men, I use Spice Neo all the time. It’s got great hold. It can move. And it supports virtually any style."

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