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Bridging the Gap With ARIMINO

Bridging the Gap With ARIMINO

After 20+ years in the hair/salon industry, VjPeace CEO, Vijai Manilal noticed a gap in the industry that he just had to fill… With the ARIMINO brand being from Japan, these gaps were evidently bridged in more ways than none.

ARIMINO’s commitment of excellence to their clients, employees and the environment is one not met by anyone else in the industry. With hair in mind, first and foremost, they&rs.....

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Push your styling limits without damage to your hair or the environment

VjPeace is the exclusive distributor of Arimino Peace, Caretrico, Caretrico Grace Blue, Caretrico Privy, Sherpa and Spice NEO within USA and Canada.
Carrying Arimino Products in your salon will increase sales and help retain client loyalty.
They will not shop elsewhere!

Call (415.867.1661) or email us for the opportunity to receive
free samples, schedule a product demonstration in your salon,
or learn more about VJPeace and Arimino products.